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Stewards of the land

on April 22, 2015

As farmers we are stewards of the land.  What does that exactly mean though?  We are on a huge scale responsible for a lot of black dirt.  Think about your backyard garden and how you tend it and care for it, every seed that you place in the ground you check and recheck and then…. it happens.  Each seed is finally breaking their way through the top soil to reach for the sun and stretch for the sky.  What a great feeling!!  Now imagine acres and acres that are emerging stretching for the sky.  Corn rows are in perfect lines.  Some are short rows, some are long rows, some bend and follow the tree line.  What a beautiful sight.

Planting 2014

Planting 2014

Stewards of the land isn’t just watching corn grow it is so much more.  So much more.  We farmers are constantly looking at ways that we can better the land that we have been given to take care of either by ownership or rent.  How can we ensure the ground will be able to grow another season of crop land.   How can we better the quality of each acre of earth that will provide for our cows and for our family.  What we take out of the Earth we put back.  How to ensure that every thousands of seeds that are placed in the earth are going to reach their full potential.  We care for our fields, our lives literally depend on it.  Nathan and I need to plant enough corn in one growing season to feed our cows for an entire year, this is the same for every dairy farmer regardless of their size, big or small.  We need to take care of our fields and our cows because then they will take care of us.  We depend on them for everything.  They give us the ability for Everett to have new shoes for school, Vivian to have diapers and food to ensure the growth of our children.  What a wonderful gift we have as farmers to see this unfold before our eyes each season first hand on such a large scale.  Nathan and I know and understand that our time as dairy farmers is a drop in the bucket of the big picture. Our decisions that we make today will effect Everett and Vivian in 10, 15 20 years even our grandchildren will be effected by the choices that we make on our farm today.  How we care for our land today will determine the outcome for next year.  It is our responsibility to ensure the quality of our land.  It is our responsibility to be good stewards of the land.  Nathan is a 5th generation farmer on the same exact farm that his great-great grandfather would plant his corn to provide for his family and cows.  We are stewards of the land.

Everett opening up a seed corn bag-Plant 2014

Everett opening up a seed corn bag-Plant 2014

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