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Elephants in Grass

on July 25, 2015

“Don’t you see them they are right there.  Come here little guy.  Mom, I’ll show you how to feed them just like this.  See he ate the grass.  He really likes grass.  We better back up his mom is looking for him.”

The Elephants are right there! Don't you see them?

The Elephants are right there! Don’t you see them?

Everett’s imagination, If I could I would bottle it up.  I would bottle it up so when I feel depleted I could take a sample.  I could save it.  I would be able to remember exactly these moments.  The never ending chores of the day:  dishes, laundry, cooking, bookwork and then the never ending list for outside, feeding cows, milking cows, fixing fence, mowing grass, weeding the days seem to go on and on with never enough time to get it all done.  The words, “Not now.” “Hurry up.”  “What are you doing?”  “In a minute!” “What are you doing now!?”  are so easy to come out of our mouths.  There are days that these words come out of my mouth more than I wish.  I catch myself and think yes I can take literally a minute and listen to the words that are so important that he needs to tell me.  Yes, his words are very important because he is important.  His opinion does matter.  He is special to me.  So we take the time and feed Elephants in the grass as we are feeding the real calves in the shed.  I watch him plant corn in the carpet as I am nursing Vivian in the living room.  I noticed him knock on the gnome door in the garden as I am grilling supper in the backyard.  He comes running to me and says no one moved into the gnome hut yet.  I smile when I see him only in his shorts, rubber boots and a motorcycle helmet because he goes so fast on his bike he is worried a pigeon might fly and hit him in the head.  When bath time is almost over I listen to him tell me how he saw sharks at the bottom of the bath tub.  Good thing he had his goggles on so he could see them.  I try and not lose my temper when he uses the duster like a Teenage Mutant Turtle would. Yes, there are Foot soldiers ascending into the living room.  I shake my head when I find his dump trucks in my flower beds.  I know for a short time elephants are living by the calf shed in the grass.  I know for only a short time they eat grass out of Everett’s hands.

3 responses to “Elephants in Grass

  1. Cindy says:

    I absolutely love how put your feelings into these beautiful words. Cherish these moments, they go by so quickly.

  2. Jodi says:

    Brenda I’m so intrigued by all the words you write! It’s like I can’t wait to read the next sentence!! Keep up this wonderful blog!!

  3. It’ll be these moments and stories that one day you’ll tell back to him. Everett’s imagination is precious. Sharks in the bathtub! He reminds me of my childhood and moments I wish I could re-live.

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