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Hands of a Dairy Farmer

on August 8, 2015

This last week Nathan and I with Vivian tagging along, attended our co-op’s (where we sell our milk) Leadership/Young Cooperatives Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. So much useful information is given to us in a short amount of time. The entire room is filled with dairy farmers, employees of our co-op and individuals that are making great strides in promoting dairy from across the Midwest. Our co-op is able to create an atmosphere where every presentation feels more like a round table discussion than a lecture. During every break Vivian would catch the eye of a dairy farmer. She is so tiny and petite the first question is always how old she is and then she smiles with her big brown eyes so bright. Their hand goes to her with their first finger slightly bent. She looks and reaches. Her tiny olive hand reaches for their strong first finger tanned from the long days in the summer sun. While I hold her I feel the jolt of an electric fence as Vivian makes that small contact with them. She holds on. The small connection between a tiny little girl and a dairy farmer that is not her daddy. A dairy farmers hands hold so much meaning to me. When I see them I notice every nick. I see every scratch from the barbed wire fence that they have fixed. I see every scar from a tool that got a way from them. I see the strength they need to continue every day believing tomorrow will be a better day. I see the stain of grease in every callus. I see the power those hands have had to hold in prayer that next year will be a better year and the thankfulness of gratitude that last year his family was able to continue on. The confidence in every good hand shake. I see the gentleness those hands need to help a new baby calf who is having a hard time adjusting to life. The calmness they have brought to their children when they were afraid of the storm coming on the horizon. The love they have given their wives, the gold band tightly wrapped around their ring finger refusing to take it off when society tells them a wedding ring is a safety hazard. A dairy farmers hands hold the weight of the world and for a brief moment more than one dairy farmer held my baby girls world.

One response to “Hands of a Dairy Farmer

  1. Janet says:

    Oh my gosh Brenda, this is so beautifully written. As I was reading this I could envision the strong hands of my father, my husband, my uncles, my grandpas; all the strong farmers I know!

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