Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Chicken Dumpling Soup

on September 25, 2015

Last night I made chicken dumpling soup. I love chicken dumpling soup! There is nothing better in the fall than chicken dumpling soup. As I was getting the strainer out from the cabinet to strain the new fresh broth that I just made. I smiled to myself not because of my soup but because of the thought of one of the worst meals I ever made Nathan. I made him this infamous meal in our household when we were newly married. I am not sure how long we were married but I know that it was during the time of trying to figure each other out. The time after the honeymoon phase and you realize that you are really married and he is not going home. The phase when you realize that you are making a home together. When you realize you really are stuck together. The phase of testing boundaries with each other, let me tell you Nathan and I tested our boundaries with each other. This meal was the absolute worst. I mean the absolute worst for Nate. I made chicken dumpling soup. As Nate was eating his soup a small bone was in his bowl. I am not exactly sure how the conversation started but I know how it ended by Nate’s words, “That’s not how my mom does it.” These words are completely innocent but to a newly married woman who is trying to figure out the roles that are now hers. These are devastating and fighting words. Well, I’ll show him. A couple weeks go by and chicken dumpling soup is back on the menu. Nate came home from the farm, (at this time we lived off the farm) as a sweet caring new husband he instantly says, “MMM something smells good!” Little did he know. He washed up and came into the kitchen for supper. We sat at our kitchen table. A romantic table is set for two newly weds. Two bowls of freshly made Chicken Dumpling Soup. The best soup in the world…….Skreech wait what. Nate looks at his bowl and instantly says, “WHAT THE BLANK IS THIS??!! Well when I made this wonderful soup I skipped one vital and very important step. I didn’t take the bones out. I mean I didn’t take out a single bone. Not one! The entire chicken was in that pot! No bone was taken out. I made Nate Bone Soup as we refer to it today. I sat eating my soup. (I had bones in my bowl too) As Nate stared at his supper appalled, I sat eating telling him how wonderful it tasted and asked him how come he wasn’t eating. Was something wrong? Was he feeling ok? My dear sweet husband did try his bone soup but he couldn’t eat it all. It makes me smile thinking of it and when we talk about it we both laugh about it. I am sure when we are old and gray we still will be laughing about my infamous Bone Soup.

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