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Framed in my Mind

on October 5, 2015

How many times have you been somewhere or in a moment and you reach for your phone to use the camera and you don’t have it.  Or you say “I wish I had my camera.”  We live in a world now where every moment is documented or captured with social media.  I have hundreds of pictures of my two sweet little ones and somehow I still feel that I am missing out or failing on capturing every moment.  Remember when we had to wait for film to be developed?  And then the picture we were waiting for came back fuzzy.  Only take one or two pictures because we didn’t want to “waste” the film.  How many selfies did you take this week?  Now cameras on our phones we no longer need to carry a camera around to capture sweet moments that happen to us.  I think I have more pictures of just one year of Everett’s life compared to my entire life.  So why is it I feel I missed out on something huge when I don’t capture a moment?  A moment that was meant for me JUST TO BE in the moment.  Just to be present.  A beautiful picture for my mental mind to frame forever.

For a couple days I was just upset with myself that I missed one of these exact moments.  Homecoming week  was at Everett’s school. Everett was so excited for school spirit day.  I was failing immensely trying to create the school logo on Everett’s cheeks.  In the back of my mind I kept thinking the bus is on its way.  Luckily dad to the rescue.  Everett drew on a piece of paper what the LF is supposed to look like.  Dad saved the day drawing the LF intertwined on each one of Everett’s cheeks.  I get Everett’s shoes on and tie them for him, we open the front door, “THE BUS IS COMING!” As we see it turning onto our road.  Everett takes off running so excited.  His arms are waving in the air as he begins running down the driveway.  I run after him.  I stop about halfway because Everett is not looking back.  I reach for my back pocket no phone to capture this moment.  A fog is in the air.  The bus lights are flashing reflecting against the fall colors just beginning to emerge from nature.  Fall is in the air.  Everett runs past the pasture with black and white heifers resting along the fence.  Fresh fallen leaves grace the driveway.  The dew glues them into place not moving from their home on the driveway.  Everett runs through the leaves with his golden Flyer Sweatshirt on.  His green John Deere back pack bouncing following him as he runs. His arms are still waving as he reaches the bus, pop tart in hand.  His shoes that make him go fast are on.  I can hear the bus driver say something to Everett but I am to far away to hear.  I smile to myself, he is so excited for Spirit day at school.  I wish I would have taken a picture.  For this special moment I will have to depend on my mental camera, click.

I took this after morning milking, the fog was already lifted.

I took this after morning milking, the fog was already lifted.

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