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Saving my Kitchen Counter

on November 15, 2015

We all have that area in our house or yard that we cringe every time we walk by. Maybe it is a closet we fear to open. The place just collects stuff. Just stuff. For me, it is anything with a flat surface including the floor. When I was at home it was shoes. My dad would yell and yell at me about how many shoes I had at the front door. When Nate and I got married he counted my shoes, I think it was around 70 pairs. I have learned to control my love of shoes since living at home but now just stuff is taking over. My kitchen counter, kitchen table and back door counter are the catch all. You come in from the front door. Plop on the table. Hat, table looks good. Sweat shirts hung on the back of chairs. My kitchen counter suffers from the over flow effect. This drives me crazy. I have to spend time cleaning the counter off so I can use my kitchen counter for what it was made for, cooking not stuff collector. In the past I have made my kitchen table smaller in the hopes that the “stuff” would get smaller. Nope, boxes appear out of thin air to help contain the stuff. I want to do a time lapse video just to see where the “stuff” comes from. Out of fear I have not done it yet because I know who the culprit is and then I would have to fess up. So in attempt to save the end of my kitchen counter I have made myself a sticky note. I have placed it at the end of my counter, “Do not put anything here!!”  Let’s see if this will save my counter. 

2 responses to “Saving my Kitchen Counter

  1. Sami says:

    I find it’s easy for me to collect clutter on the dinner table and kitchen counter too. I haven’t come up with a great system to manage it all. I just know it requires daily effort to manage!

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