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#makemesmileTuesday Day 1

on December 1, 2015

So many things have made smile this last week.  I look through the pictures for the last week.  Vivian learned to push a shopping cart on Thanksgiving.  Everett was scuba diving in the bath tub.  Our Thanksgiving table right before milking with pieces of pie, crumbs and empty glasses made my heart sigh of gratefulness what a wonderful day we had with friends and my brothers family.  Going to the Santa day parade with no Santa in the parade but then while we were walking back to the truck, Santa appeared out of no where.  A selfie at the Santa Parade of the four of us when last year there was only three.  The picture that I keep going back to is this one.


For years I have been saying that we should put a star on the silo.  On Saturday Nate and Everett were puttering around in the shop Everett would come back in the house.  After dark Nate came in and said that he needed to show me something back behind the barn.  I grumbled I didn’t want to go out and then come back in and then go back out again for chores.  Everett ran in front, I walked with my arms crossed my chest and then I caught the corner of the star.  As we walked to the front of the star.  Tears fell as I said, “Nate, you made me a star.”

Now I want to see what made you smile this last week or today!  Share your #makemesmileTuesday on Raising a Farmer FB page.  I will be giving away one Dairy Good Cookbook.

One response to “#makemesmileTuesday Day 1

  1. Jodi says:

    The star he made is fantastic and reading your story brought tears to my eyes! Your family is blessed!!!

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