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Happy Birthday Vivian

on December 8, 2015

This last Saturday we celebrated Vivian’s 1st Birthday.IMG_1788  This last week I have been thinking where I was at in life a year ago.  Our baby wasn’t supposed to arrive until January 6.  We kept telling Everett after Christmas, the baby is coming after Christmas.  I kept telling myself this to so I would make it through the holiday season.  Baby Vivian had other plans.  We didn’t have a name picked out, I didn’t have the mental list of everything I wanted to do with Everett before the baby came done.  I didn’t dig out baby clothes and fold them neatly waiting for the new baby’s arrival.  The Christmas tree wasn’t up.  Not a single Christmas cookie was baked.  I had time.  I had time to get it all done.  I had a routine doctor visit that turned into the words I will never forget, “We are going to take the baby today.”  What?  I have somewhere to be at 1.  I have things to do.  I called Nate, which at fist he didn’t believe me.  “I’m on my way!”  he told me.  About five minutes later I got a phone call back from him.  “ahh, do I have time to mix a batch of feed?”  Yes, I was induced so by the time my IV was started and settled into my room Nate had time to mix a batch of feed.  Vivian Louise arrived at 12:43am December 5th.  I don’t know how we thought that our family was complete with out her.  She completes all three of us.  She has no idea what she means to Nate, Everett and I and so many others for being here for only a year.  I look at her and I wonder who she will be, what her voice will sound like, how she will play, what wonderful ideas a three year old has will be.  I wonder…. until then Happy 1st Birthday Vivian!!!


Getting ready to go home from the hospital after a week stay. How did we think we were complete with out her?


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