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Play-doh & Letters to Santa

on December 15, 2015

Play-doh.  I hate Play-doh.  I still do not know why I hate Play-doh.  The texture of it, the smell of it, the little pieces that break off, the smell on your hands.  I hate Play-doh. When I tell someone this I get the deer in the head lights look.  How can you hate Play-doh?  I can feel your confusion as you read this.  Really?  You, You hate Play-doh.  And then the conversation turns to trying to persuade me into making my own Play-Doh.  “Oh I have a great homemade recipe.”  Why would I want to make something when I can’t stand the original?  I love mess.  Living sand-love it!  Baking cut out cookies with six kids covered in flour and sprinkles-makes my heart sing.  Dirty faces from playing outside all day-joyfull.  Mud puddles, mud pies and everything in between I love.  Play-doh-nope not entering my house.  Nope, nope, nope no Play-doh here.  So when Everett sat down to write his letter to Santa and requested Play-doh, I replied I would write Santa a letter for him “NOT” to bring Play-doh.  I went about the kitchen Everett sat at the kitchen counter, I asked Everett how his letter was because he was not saying anything or asking how to spell a word.  He  said that he was finished.  I asked him to read it to me.

“Dear Santa, this is what I need for Christmas train set, toy shotgun, Play-doh.  By: Everett.  Ignore the letter in the mailbox from Brenda.”

I sure hope Santa doesn’t ignore my letter requesting not to bring Pay-doh.

photo (2)

Everett writting to Santa


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