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Milk Does the Body Good

on January 6, 2016

This morning was a big day for Vivian.  As I was getting her morning bottle ready to head outside for milking.  Vivian was in the living room, she heard what I was doing and instantly crawled into the kitchen.  As she reached the kitchen she continued into the middle of the floor.  Stood herself up not holding onto anything and walked towards me.  Her arms holding out to her side waving trying to keep her balance.  A huge smile on her face knowing she was accomplishing a huge task she has been working on the last month.  Walking.  She started to teeter but with every step she was able to regain her balance.  Finally reaching her destination, my arms.

Today is January 6th and this was Vivian’s due date, well she had other plans and arrived 5 weeks early.  As a one year old, a huge change in her diet happens.  Over the past two months she has been gradually switching her milk intake to strictly cow’s whole milk.  Whole milk has the good fat that is essential for brain development.  I’m not a doctor, I am not a scientist, I’m not a nutritionist but I am a dairy farmer and I am a mom.  I know that whole milk has the good fat for my kids.  I know whole milk gives Everett healthy fat when he is always on the go.  I know that whole milk helps Vivian explore and learn new things everyday.  I know whole milk is the best thing for my children.  Milk does the body good.


 Everett & Vivian with 304, County Fair 2015




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