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Where are my spoons and butter knives?

on January 10, 2016

All the dishes were done and everything was put away. Not a single piece was in the sink drip drying or waiting to be washed.  This doesn’t happen very often.  Where are all of my spoons and butter knives?  There are about 5 spoons and 2 butterknives.  Where are they all?  I asked Nate he said, “I’m sure if you go and look in the sand box there they will be.”  Of course my Everett would never take anything out of the house that he is not supoosed to.  Not my Everett.  Yes, I know full well that he is fully capable of this.  But why would he need a spoon or a butter knive.  Nate had to remind me that I tend to use a butter knives as tools.  “No I don’t” I defended myself.  “Yes, Yes you do.  I need a screw driver, yep a butter knife looks good.”  Thank you Nate for always bringing me back to reality.

Fast forward about two weeks, yesterday.  I was in and out of the milk house in the barn.  Everett was “fixing” a chain.  Making it into a ladder, a sea dragon and then a hermit crab.  “Mom come look at what I made.”  As I came into the milk house.IMG_7172[1]

That is my knife from the house.  Holding his hermit crab up.  I’m sure when spring comes I will be checking the sand box for other kitchen utensils.


Do you see the sea dragon?

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