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Happy National Milk Day

on January 11, 2016

Today is National Milk Day and what better way to celebrate than a cold glass of milk.  I can tell you all the great things that milk has to offer your health.  I can tell you all the delicious things that are made out of milk.  I can tell you your milk is safe.  I can tell you how it is affordable.  I can tell you drink milk.  What I am going to tell you is what milk means to me.  As a dairy farmer our sole purpose is to produce milk.  Plane and simple.  Every conversation through out our day revolves around milk.  How are the cows doing? How are they handling the cold weather? How much each cow is producing?  Do we need to up calve feedings in the cold days of winter?  Did the milk truck come yet?  Did Vivian have her milk yet?  Everett would you like white or chocolate?  Our trips to down are determined if we are needing milk for our children or milk replacer for our calves.  Our world revolves around milk.  Milk means everything to us.  Milk is our main source of income.  When milk prices fall and continue to fall we feel it.  As dairy farmers we live on faith, family and farming.  When times are good we celebrate together and when there are times like now,  we have faith that it is going to get better.

side note: Nate is tired of me saying, “At least we have our health.”

Happy National Milk Day        IMG_7210[1]

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