Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

My Poor Fridge

on January 12, 2016

This is my fridge.  I read an article about the areas to de-clutter for a simpler life.  (Reading these articles stress me out because I have lots of areas I could de-clutter.)  Well one area was your fridge.  mmmmm  Yeah, I think it could use some love.  But then I look at my fridge and look at all the love that is on my fridge.  I have so many pictures how could I decide which ones to eliminate.  Usually it is eliminated if it falls off on to the floor.  I enjoy when ever we have company it seems the kitchen is the gathering spot and eyes gravitate to the fridge.  (Maybe because it is kind of an eye sore)  We reminisce of old pictures.  We laugh about what had happened that day or which pictures represent the biggest misfits.   I have pictures from when we were first married to when Everett was born.  There for awhile it was the pictures of “lasts”.  The last picture of just Nate and I before we got pregnant.  The last picture before Everett was born.  A last picture Everett was taken with my uncle before he suddenly passed away.  But then there are the pictures of firsts,  Everett being big enough (he wasn’t even one yet) to actually be able to play with his cousin.  Our brand new babies.  Vivian’s ultra-sound pictures, wondering if this new baby was a boy or a girl.  First picture of Vivian and her cousins (the misfit picture imagine: a little boy who hates getting his picture taken, a little girl so excited to hold and meet her tiny new cousin, a big brother so proud of his new baby sister and an almost one year old confused what is going on with her shirt on backwards.)  And then there are pictures all in between.  Everett at the fair showing his cow 304 and his calf 400, standing so proud with his white shirt, black pants and John Deere boots .   Nate and Everett standing side by side checking on heifers right before sunset and me realizing farming was the best choice for our family.  Us three at Easter all in Easter hats (I love hats).  Everett sitting with my uncle reading a farm magazine.  Everett as a baby sitting in between my dad’s two brothers holding each of their hand.  And now there are the art projects from school.  There are cards of thanks and thinking of you to party and wedding invites.  A magnet holding up a Ziploc bag containing Box Tops for school.  So for now I will just sigh and say, “My poor fridge.” but I will say it with lots of love. “My poor fridge.”IMG_7234[1]


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