Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Rocking at motherhood, Maybe not

on January 18, 2016

There are days where I feel like I am a rock-star at motherhood.  Like yesterday, I made lunch, rice krispie bars and baked cookies all at the same time and had a clean kitchen when I was done.  Yep I rocked yesterday.  Then there are days like today.  Today is Monday.  I let Everett sleep in, I checked the TV if school was two hours late nope school is on time.  I checked the temp outside, -7F  it isn’t that cold out for school.  I wake Everett up, clothes put on.  Nate helps make sure his folder, snow pants and boots are in his backpack.  Everett asks, “Do I have school today?”  “Yes Everett it is Monday of course you have school today.”  I run out start the truck.  On the way to school Everett is chatting about alligators living in a Cyprus Swamp, how you have to go in really far to see them.  He goes on and on.  We talk about how cold is -7F.  Is -4 warmer or colder.

We get about a block from school and I notice there isn’t any cars going in and out of the round about in front of school?  There isn’t any cars parked along the street?  I glance at the clock and about 4 things run through my mind in 3 seconds, we aren’t that late, was school two hours late, it is Martin Luther King Day, “Everett you don’t have school today!”  Yep I tried taking my kid to school on a No School Day.  Good job, Brenda.  Good Job!

So Everett and I headed to the gas station, Everett picked out a doughnut, a Hersey Hot Chocolate and back home we went.  I dropped the ball.  Or was it the universe telling me I needed to hear more about alligators or try to figure out how jelly is put into a Bismark doughnut.  Maybe it was me needing to hear Everett say how good his blue doughnut was.

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