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an unexpected day

on January 26, 2016

During the dead of winter, after the high of the holiday season has worn off, the calmness of January can sometimes turn into a bit of a rut.  We need to force ourselves to be out and about.  When it is cold out it seems like so much work to come in from chores get unbundled, warmed up and then bundle back up to go out and about.

On Sunday during morning chores, I called my aunt and uncle to see if they had any plans for the afternoon and would be interested in some company.  I needed to get out.  I could feel cabin fever itching at me.  And secretly I wanted to show off Vivian walking, they hadn’t seen her new moves in person yet.  My uncle said they were headed to the snowmobile blessing and he had an extra snowmobile if we wanted to go with we sure could go.  Everett and I went with my aunt and uncle, Vivian hung out with her godparents and Nate took a nap at home.  Talk about a good day.

After morning chores Everett and I ran to the house gathered our gear and out the door we went.  As fast as a herd of turtles.  Everett was so excited!  He wore his helmet in the truck on the way to my uncles’.  He was excited to go for a ride!  When we left my aunt and uncles yard on the sleds, Everett kept yelling and screaming, “Weeeeee!”  When we got back home I had asked Everett if he had fun.  He said “It was the best day ever!”  I have to agree with Everett, it was a very unexpected great day!  IMG_7330[1]IMG_7333[1].JPGIMG_7336[1]IMG_7332[1]

One response to “an unexpected day

  1. Jodi says:

    Great pictures to go along with your fun adventures!!! You can almost see the big smile underneath his helmet!! Can also tell in his eyes he was grinning from ear to ear!!

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