Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Right concept, wrong mammal

on February 2, 2016

As a diary mom it is inevitable we will be compared to cows some where in your marriage.  If it hasn’t happened yet,  it will for sure happen during a pregnancy.  It is a given that your husband will some how compare you to a cow.  Natural Family Planning classes, cow vs human cycles will be added to the conversation.  Birth classes your husband may ask the instructor about mastitis and how it is treated.  At a Doctors visit he will ask your doctor about how you will clean after you deliver your baby.  (Clean is delivering the placenta not actually cleaning.)  Being compared to a cow will sometimes happen by surprise and by the people you would least expect.

When Everett came to meet his new baby sister last year at the hospital I needed to pump.  He asked what I was doing.  I told him and explained it is just like what we do at home.  Vivian needs all the colostrum just like the baby calves at home so she will be healthy and strong.  A simple “Oh” was his reply.  When the nurse came back to the room Everett was sitting with me on the hospital bed.  As Everett and I talked about his day at our neighbors,  my nurse checked my vitals, checked my IV, checked my blood pressure which felt like the hundredth time and asked how much I had pumped.  As Everett watched her go about her work he proudly stated,  “My mom’s a cow.”  My poor nurse flew her head up and stared at me and then at him.  I simply replied, “We dairy farm.”  Nothing more was needed to explain my sweet kindergartner’s statement.

But most recently, last week I had gone to our local farm supply store.  Vivian still fits in her infant car seat so she gives the illusion she is a “baby”.  As I sat my one item on the counter.  Teat Dilators. (Sometimes cows will step on their teats and a scab will grow over it, we use teat dilators to keep the end open.)  The checkout lady looked at it and then looked at me and said “Is this for…….”  as she said this she made reference to her own…….mammary glands.  I was a little taken back, “No, they are for cows.”  She continued,  “Oh I just saw the baby and thought oh wow they have that stuff here too.”  I politely told her, “Right concept wrong mammal.”

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