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Jenga you have won

on February 9, 2016

IMG_7423[1]This is the game Jenga.  A popular game which involves skill and precision.  A game of stacking and hoping they will not fall down.  This is how I find the game bucket, empty.  I try and keep the game together but I always find it empty.  I have given up on Jenga.  I am throwing in the towel.  I am officially quitting.  I will no longer think I can have the game intact.  I will no longer try and make sure all the blocks are neatly stacked in the game bucket patiently waiting to be played.  We have never played the game per game instructions.  When it is time to pick up toys, (about once a month it feels like)  I feel so frustrated to find the empty bucket, again.  There are Jenga blocks everywhere.  “Everett can you pickup all the Jenga pieces and put them away.”  “Everett the blocks need to stay in the bucket.”  “Everett, pickup the Jenga blocks.”  I honestly don’t know if he has ever answered back when I repeatedly make these statements to him.  I do know he has told me as follows:


“I’m feeding my cows hay.”IMG_7425[1]

“I’m stacking them.”IMG_7420[1]

“I’m hauling them.”IMG_7426[1]

So from now on I am going to let Jenga blocks be hay bales, feed for cows and what they are meant to be.  Blocks.  Blocks for Everett’s imagination.  I will no longer feel frustrated when I find the empty bucket.  I will no longer have the thought, “Why? Why can’t they just stay in the bucket?  Why?”  I will try really really hard when I find a Jenga block I will try and see it as a hay bale, not a game scattered about.  I will try.  I will remind myself one day Jenga block hay bales will turn back into simple Jenga blocks.          IMG_7422[1]

One response to “Jenga you have won

  1. Marilyn says:

    As it should be! Someday Everett will actually play the game and laugh about the hay bales!

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