Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter


on March 1, 2016

The excitement in a child’s voice is one of my favorite sounds.  It is even sweeter when I hear them yell, “A cow is having a baby!” These were the words I heard from Everett and my niece Elyn as they came running into the house.  Everett came through the side door and Elyn came in through the front door.  Both were so excited giving a full detail description of why they concluded the cow was having a baby.  Nate asked what cow number.  Everett quickly replied, “345!”  Nate told them to go back to the calving shed and watch 345 and check back in with him in a little bit.

From our living room window I can see the calving shed.  I watched Everett and Elyn find the best spot to watch and wait.  I watched them find a pail to sit on.  To sit and wait.  I would catch a glimpse of them riding bikes the length of the shed, waiting.  Waiting for a miracle.  I would see them sit on the cement curb.  Waiting.  After a few minutes, I went outside to check to see the progress on 345.  She was in fact having her baby and her baby was coming.  The baby was coming now.  We watched 345 find the best spot to have her baby.  Their little voices turned into strong whispers encouraging the new momma cow she could do it.  I never can decide which is the miracle watching two little people see a baby calf be born or the baby calf be born.

The view from my living room.



Encouraging 345


345 cleaning her new baby, none of the other soon-to-be mommas moved when Everett and Elyn went into the calving shed.


Needing to get a better view to see if new baby is boy or girl.  It’s a girl!!  Everett and Elyn were in deep discussion on  a name.

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