Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

What? No Coffee!?

on March 8, 2016

Every morning, Nate makes a fresh pot of coffee in the barn.  This morning, was no different than any other morning.  Starting the coffee pot is always first thing when we go to the barn in the mornings.  Next is go check for new babies in the calving shed.  This morning, there was a healthy new baby calf.  About 15 minutes later moving the cow to the milking barn and taking care of the calf, back to the barn office we went.  Everything went smoothly.  Until we got back to the barn.  No fresh aroma of rich coffee to greet us as we enter the office.  I asked Nate if he turned the pot on?  “The green light is on.”  A couple more tries.  On, off, on off.  It never hurts to try one more time.  Maybe it will turn on.  Still nothing.  The coffee pot refused to turn on.  It had given up.  Lost the will to brew coffee.  Now what!?  No coffee for morning milking!  How is that going to work?  I went into the house brewed a couple cups and took them back out to the barn.  What about tomorrow morning?  Our milk truck driver to the rescue.  Nate had talked to him late morning and mentioned the coffee pot had died on us.  This was the end of the world to Nate.  When Nate went out to the barn after lunch, a coffee pot greeted him in the barn office.  Our milk truck driver hauls delicious milk but also delivers new coffee pots.  Coffee pots to get us through morning milkings.

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