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Elves, Fairies & Gnomes

on March 15, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day is closing in on us.  Some may be venturing out for green beer, some might be making corned beef and cabbage or looking for gold at the end of the rainbow.  For us we are waiting for the leprechauns.

Last Summer, we built a gnome hut/fairy house/elf house/fairy garden.  The tree we cut down in the backyard a couple of years ago we had initially thought of putting a bird feeder on it, so we kept the tree stump.  I came across a picture of a gnome house last summer and thought the new best thing for our stump.  A Fairy garden.  Off to work Everett and I went with the help of Nate’s niece and nepehew.  Of course we had to take breaks to talk to Vivian and catch garden snakes.  IMG_4513


Of course we needed to seal the cracks with mud and Nate had to put the finishing touches on the roof of the house.


Finally we had the garden finished.  Now all we had to do is wait and watch.  Elves and fairies are really fast so you need to be quick to see them.  If they see you they won’t come. IMG_4835

We were hoping they all would like their new home.  Everett would check every morning to see if they moved in yet.  I would see him through out the day knocking on the door hoping we had new guests in our backyard.


Summer 2015

So now, we are waiting again for them to move back in.  The snow is melted and we are thinking at anytime the fairies, gnomes and elves will be making their home again in our back yard.  IMG_7745

But this year Everett is hoping for Leprechauns.  He even made a trap for the leprechauns and Fairies.  Come Thursday we will see if it worked.  IMG_7741

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