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Easter and Kites

on March 29, 2016

Easter is a special time for me.  Celebrating Jesus rising from the dead and spending time with family and loved ones.  Easter brings hope, new beginnings and spring.  This year many dairy farmers are looking for hope.  Small things become big things.  Small moments become big memories.  Planting season is around the corner to bring a new harvest this fall.  The seeds we plant this spring will feed our cows next year.  We are always looking towards our future.  Easter always brings new hope and new beginnings.

This Easter we woke up to a winter wonderland.  By noon time all the snow was melted.  IMG_7945[1]

Easter is always a time for new family pictures.  Everyone is dressed in their Sunday best. photo (11)


During times of celebration there is always food.  Family gathering around the table, praying giving thanks for the time we have with each other.  Laughing enjoying each others company and seeing how many deviled eggs one person can eat.  IMG_2237IMG_2238

When we have all eaten our ham and all the good food.  Easter baskets with jelly beans and chocolate eggs and new kites can be given out.  Easter and kites.   The question of “Can we go fly kites?”  Can finally be a yes! Kites have become a tradition.  Some years it has been too windy and the kites would break as soon as we walked outside.  Some years there would be no wind and for the kites to take flight we would have to run the entire time.  Some years they have found new homes in trees.  Some years they would be a tangled mess.  One thing is for sure Easter would not be Easter without a kite.





Nathan retrieving our kites Easter 2011, this year no kites landed in the trees.

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