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Baby Arendell

on March 30, 2016

Since the beginning of the school year Everett has been patiently waiting to be the “Owl Star” for his class.  Each week a student is chosen to be the “Owl Star” where they can share their favorite things and pictures of themselves.  The “Owl Star is also able to do little special things, go to the head of the line, have lunch with the teacher little things like this make little people feel special.  Everett was lucky enough to be the “Owl Star” for two weeks because of the short week of school because of Easter.

At the same time of waiting to be the “Owl Star” Everett has also been waiting for his cow 304 to have her baby.  Her due date was April 2nd.  All winter we have been hoping and talking about how we hope 304 has a girl.  This is her 3rd calf and the first two have been boys.  On a dairy farm girls rule.  Everett and his cousin were already making plans if 304’s new baby was a girl who was going to take the new baby to the fair.

Every morning before milking we “check for babies”.  On Holy Saturday morning as I walked to the calving shed I didn’t see anything.  When checking for babies you need to walk through the pen because sometimes babies like to hide.  To my surprise there was a new baby, who’s the mom I looked and it was 304!  I ran to the house and told Everett he needed to come to the calving shed right away.  He quickly dressed, he showed me a short cut to the calving shed through the back yard.  He saw the new baby and realized it was 304’s baby and it is a GIRL! IMG_7941


Usually our cows are given numbers for names and just a few have real names.  “Well Everett what are you going to name her?”, Nate asked him.  After taking some time to think about it Everett decided on Arendell.  Everett made sure he bonded with Arendell.  Everett then made sure 304 was nice and relaxed when she came into the barn.  He brushed her, talked to her and brushed her again.    IMG_7942

So for being the “Owl Star” this week Everett is able to bring something to school to share that is special to him.  What is more special than his cow’s baby girl, Arendell.  We took 3 day old Arendell to Everett’s school for Everett to share his excitement with his classmates.

There is a baby calf in the sea of little people.

IMG_7978 Vivian was even able to give Arendell some love.

IMG_7986  When we got home from school Everett jumped in the trailer and I could over hear him talking to Arendell about school.  Telling her she did a great job.

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