Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

& they call her, Hurricane

on April 2, 2016

With both Everett and Vivian, Nathan and I had nicknames for our children to be while I was pregnant.  Everett was “Batman” and Vivian was “Hurricane”.  Vivian has proven her name.  Vivian has taken us by storm from the beginning.  When I found out I was pregnant with “Hurricane” I was still trying to wrap my head around a second miscarriage.  I was accepting the close possibility Everett would be an only child.  I would be the mother of one.  I was trying and preparing myself to not let it define me as a woman but more importantly as a mom to my little boy.  Surprise!  We didn’t say anything because I was afraid and maybe because I was in denial a little bit that I was in fact pregnant.  From the very beginning Vivian has been a mover.  She is constantly on the go now.  She constantly walks around never stopping.  When she was in my tummy she would kick and turn and move to the point I would be in tears of pain from her kicking me.  Crying to Nate,  “Why does our baby hate me so much?”  My blood pressure skyrocketed, what was supposed to be a routine doctor visit to get a game plan for delivery and make sure baby is continuing to grow because of my blood pressure and gestation diabetes (insulin dependent) turned into, “We are going to take the baby?  We need to induce, now.”  Vivian came 5 weeks early, she proved to be ever feisty.  Refusing and holding her own to go to the NICU at first.  Making sure she was holding up to her name, Hurricane.  Nurses would ask when test results would come back when she was first born, “Are you sure we are testing the right baby?”  Now everywhere she goes she leaves a mass of destruction behind her.  Everything is out.  Books, toys, clothes anything she can get her hands on she leaves a trail.  She needs to discover, see, touch and feel.

Vivian is our double rainbow after a thunderstorm.  She shows us the compassion her big brother has always had.  Everett is so protective of her.  As Everett and I watched a video of Vivian he said to me,  “Mom you know what I like the best about Vivian?  Everything she is awesome.”  He laughs with her, reads her books and spoils her.  (Yes, both Nate and Everett spoil her equally)  She completes our family.  I know she will give me sleepless nights.  She will make me cry from joy to frustration probably in the same day.  I know she will fight with me and disagree on probably everything I say.  I know she will break my heart but she will make my heart sing with joy.  She gives me fear.  Some real and some irrational.  Fear losing my own mom that she will lose her mom.  Every time I look at Vivian and see the “Hurricane” she leaves in her wake I smile.  Oh, my sweet Viv through it all the FUN we will have.  IMG_7934

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