Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

The In Between Pictures

on April 5, 2016

I had every intention to write about our dog Eva today but as I was going through pictures to pick out my favorite pictures of her to write about how wonderful she is.  I found myself looking and remembering about all the other pictures.  The “in between pictures”.  We all have the pictures where everyone is dressed in their best.  Everyone is clean.  Milestone pictures; wedding, birthdays, vacations, buying a new home, holidays.  The pictures we take before everyone gets grubby and dirty.  The pictures where everyone was dressed so perfectly but no one wanted to look at the camera at the same time.  There are the pictures where we are going to “power through getting our family picture with everyone kicking and screaming”.  Then there are the social media pictures, the ones that show our “best” selves.  We can edit, crop and create a feeling in our pictures.  Then the pictures that just happen, the ones we can’t explain and they are our favorites.

As I was going through my pictures I began to remember how I had felt during certain seasons of my life.  When we were first married, when we moved onto the farm, when we bought the farm, when Nate was struggling with drinking.  The in between pictures are where we live our lives.  The raw unedited version. When reality is that things aren’t perfect.  Life is our own version of perfect.  We all want our best pictures for all to see  but the ones that really make us smile are the pictures just for ourselves.  The ones that make us tell the story of “remember when,  That was the summer of, the next year blank happened.”  Those are the in between pictures the ones that tell the story we are living.  Our very own, Once upon a time.  With milk prices in the tank we need all the in between pictures we can get.  The pictures that #makeussmile.  The pictures to remind us it will get better.  Maybe not the way we thought but life keeps getting better.  Life has lots of wonderful moments to fill the in between.  1930374_31503593687_2096_n         1511641_10152410256288688_2286661909837454362_o

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