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Top 5 “kids in the tractor” MUST haves

on April 12, 2016

Spring is here, with spring comes field work.  Lots and lots of field work.  Manure needs to be hauled, fields need to be worked preparation of planting and then planting.  Cows need to be milked morning and night.  Long days and late nights.  Big people get tired and crabby where little people have meltdowns and tears flow.  Along the way I have found out what works for us and what are must haves.  Must haves to help make a chaotic time a little easier.  I have about 5 top must haves with kids in the tractors.  I don’t think I have ever gotten in a tractor without this list when little people are riding with

  1.   Snack Bag/Goody bag. IMG_1555 This is a number one.  This is a must!  Little people get hungry.  When they get hungry they get crabby.  In the spring and fall I will buy “special” snacks.  Special snacks are snacks that are handy in the tractor and ones your kids maybe don’t get all the time.  Ones that are individual wrapped or divide into zippy bags are my go to.  Some of our favorites are:  Cheese sticks, individual packaged trail mix, whole box of teddy grahams, smaller size of Gatorade, bite size candy bars (M&M’s), carrot sticks (any veggie), fruit snacks, juice boxes, granola bars, their very own water bottle.  You know your kids, anything that will make them think it is a big deal.


2.  Books.


Planting 2015

 Books are our life line on the farm.  We have books in every tractor and in both of our trucks.  I designate some books “outside” books.  Everett also takes magazines in the tractors.  Ranger Rick, JR is a favorite.  When they are “outside” books they only belong in the tractor or in the barn.  Clipboards with  blank paper or a notebook and a zippy bag full of anything that writes are a must as kids get older.

3.  Talk, LISTEN & Sing songs. The video is of 2013.  When you are in a tractor with someone you can learn a lot about them.  I love spending time with Everett in the tractor.  He tells me stories, he talks to me.  All I need to do is listen.  We talk about what we see in the fields.  Where do animals live?  Who lives underground?  We sing songs.  Songs he is learning at school or songs on the radio.

4.  Take a break.  

Sometimes you just need to stretch your legs.  Sometimes there is an eagle nest you just need to get a closer look.  It is ok to stop, run around the field for 5 minutes and then get back to work.

5.  A comfy place to take a nap.


Planting 2014

When you are little you are going to take a nap in the tractor.  The rumble of the tractor will lull you to sleep.  Nate made a bracket for both tractors where Vivian’s barn car seat locks into.  It is awesome!  Vivian is secure and safe.  I also will take a pillow with so Everett can make a nest.

I wish everyone a happy and safe 2016 planting season.

One response to “Top 5 “kids in the tractor” MUST haves

  1. My older kids were asking the youngest if he even remembers living on the farm in Iowa. It’s sketchy, as he’s 12 and we’ve been in Hawaii for over 8 years. One of his most vivid memories was of riding on the wheel well of the tractor (yes, I know, not safe) while I mowed. I remember letting him do that when I had plenty of extra time and could go super slow. It would have been nice to have a cab! Here’s to another year of making memories for your kids.

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