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old time lawn mower

on April 15, 2016

I look at Everett and I think, “Stay this age forever.” but then I think. I thought this every year for the last 6 years. How much I would have missed out on if he would have stayed four forever. Over the weekend Everett found a lawn mower. “An old time” lawn mower as he calls it. A lawn mower tucked away collecting leaves in between two of our old white sheds. Sheds that have stood proud for decades. Sheds that were once brand new so long ago. He first brought a piece of wood into the house and explained to me how it came off of his lawn mower and his lawn mower was now digging into the grass. At first I didn’t really know what he was talking about. The piece of wood is on display on my bay window by the kitchen table. I noticed it there and thought, “Really? Really Everett? Why would you need to keep a piece of wood in the house?” Honestly there are times where I don’t really “listen” to everything Everett tells me. He was telling me about his “old time lawn mower”, to Everett this could be a stick that he whacks at the grass with. It could be a coffee can he found and collects grass clippings in. It could be anything. When he got off the bus he ran and put his backpack in the house and went right back outside. He was outside until it was time to go to religion class. He was so proud he was able to mow the lawn with his “old time” lawn mower. Now I just have to figure out how to put the piece of wood back on the “old time” lawn mower.photo (12)

One response to “old time lawn mower

  1. John says:

    Kids grow up so fast. I remembered when my son was 6 and was helping me around our yard, now he is 25 and get’s mexicans to cut his yard. Poor kids, they don’t know what life is anymore.

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