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Farm Sign Language

on April 19, 2016

After 11 years I might be able to finally talk “farmer Nate sign language.”  Every farmer has some form of farm sign language.  Every family has their own family language.  Certain words have different meanings.  I remember one time when I was spending the night at a friend’s house and they were talking about where the “box” was.  Here I am looking for a square box when in fact it was the remote for the T.V.  Many many times Nate will raise an eye brow.  Shrug a shoulder.  Drive by in the skid loader and lift one finger.  By doing these small gestures so subtle you would miss if you blinked I am supposed to know what he means.  In any scenario I am supposed to know exactly what he is meaning.  I am supposed to know it means shut the gate and take the tractor around.  I am supposed to know he needs help.  I am supposed to know there is a new baby calf.  I am supposed to know he talked to so and so.  I am sure you can guess lots of miscommunication happens.  Lots and lots of, “Just tell me.!”  “I didn’t know what you meant!”  Lots of frustration through the years.

A couple weeks ago we had a heifer calf.  When heifers have their first calf sometimes they come in the barn really easily.  One time she will stand perfectly the next time she is confused again. Sometimes it takes two people to milk her.  One to stand next to her and keep her calm while the other puts the milker on.  Nathan and I were milking, it was the new heifer’s turn to get milked.  I walked past Nate and raised my finger towards the new heifer.  We didn’t say a single word.  We both new what the other was talking about and what needed to be done.  Nate stood next to the new momma and I put the milker on.  Instantly I realized I used “farm sign language” and Nate knew exactly what I was talking about!       IMG_8771

One response to “Farm Sign Language

  1. Mary Miller says:

    Okay, I’m hooked! I love the photos and love your stories. Brings back memories for me! Thanks for letting me know about the site. I have a lot of reading to do. I’m going backwards to when you first started. Your kids will just love reading these posts when they have families of their own! Well done!!

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