Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Late bedtimes

on April 26, 2016

Evening chores didn’t go great.  New cows trying to figure out a new milking routine is stressful on cows and people.  We are trying to figure out how to switch cows out of a third location effectively and quickly.  Right now we are milking in a tiestall barn, switching out cows in a free-stall barn into the tiestall barn and now moving milking cows across our driveway from a bed pack to the tiestall barn to be milked.  Lots of moving parts and lots of parts to work out the kinks so everything runs smoothly.  There are times when the question of “Why?”  Just a simple. “Why?”  runs across your mind.  Even more times now with low milk prices.  When pennies keep getting thinner and budgets can’t get any tighter.  “Why?”  When feelings of the farm eating you alive, the feeling of the farm always coming first frustrate you and when will it ever end.  When way past bedtime has come and gone.  Little things happen to make you see what “the why” is.

A week ago a baby girl calf was born.  She was about half the size of  a new born calf should be.  We were worried about her if she would make it or not because she was so small and frail.  She started to eat and everyday she was getting stronger and stronger.  Now she is a aggressive, spunky calf.  Everything you want in a calf.


Everett help feed C.G (Everett says she is Curious George)

Tonight way past bedtime as Everett and I were headed to the house we detoured past the calving shed to check on the cows.  I kept telling myself Everett needs to get to bed.  Even while I was feeding calves I was telling myself this.  “Everett lets walk over the the calf shed real quick.”  It never is “real quick” on a dairy farm.  Sure enough there was a new baby.  A new healthy baby.  A new momma licking her baby.  Everett will be tired tomorrow morning but he was able to see another farm miracle.  So my “why” was answered tonight.  All I needed to do was look.  Open my eyes and just see why we do what we do.


Way past bedtime but another farm miracle awaits.

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