Raising a Farmer

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selling bull calves

on May 3, 2016

Usually it doesn’t bother me when it is time to sell bull calves.  I am the one who is asking when we should take them to auction.  We typically sell them between 1-3 weeks old.  Depending  on how many we have to sell and if we have the room for them.  We don’t raise our bull calves out because we don’t have the room for them and our main focus is our heifer calves.  We have talked about finishing bull calves out to generate more income but the way our farm is setup it would take away space from the dairy.  Healthy and strong heifer calves make healthy and strong heifers that will one day be our milking cows.  Selling bull calves young is just part of our farm.

Last week when I took six bull calves to the auction, a ping hit my gut when I unloaded them off the trailer.  It took me by surprise, it must be something else.  I was sad to see them go.  The whole way home I kept thinking about them.  That night during milking all I could think about was those six bull calves.  I know bull calves main purpose is to be finished out for beef.  We will finish out one for ourselves to feed our family.  For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about them calves.  When it was time to feed calves I should have been relived of having to feed six less calves but I wasn’t.  I am not sure what caused me to be sad to see them go.  Maybe the stress of low milk prices.  Maybe the feelings of it never being enough.  The feelings of how can we get through this.  Where can we cut expenses even more.  Maybe it was the fact the our balance sheet would give any normal American family an anxiety induced heart attack.  I don’t think it was one particular one but I was sad to see those bull calves go this time around.

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