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The best team: 304 & Everett

on May 10, 2016

This past Thursday was the Upsala FFA Petting Zoo.  They had invited 304 to come to the petting zoo which is during the school day.  This year we took 304 and a calf named C.G. (Curious George, Everett named her because she is “curious”)  304 was the star of the petting zoo last year and she again was the star this year.  Kids are able to get a real personal feel of a dairy cow.  We bring a bucket full of brushes all shapes and sizes.  Kids pick out a brush and are able to stand right next to her and brush her.  304 is pampered and babied by everyone all day, she loves it!  I pulled Everett out of school to go with and help with 304 and C.G..  During the day, one of his fellow 4Hers who was attending said, “Everett you got to skip school!?”  I thought about that.  No, Everett didn’t skip school, for this day he was the teacher.  When we have taken 304 in the past I remind Everett why we take 304,  “It is important for us to take 304 and encourage other kids to pet her.  It is important because some kids have never seen a cow before.”

This time, the night before as we were gathering all the brushes he told me first why we take 304 and how the day was going to go.  During the day I watched Everett and realized my little boy is growing up before my eyes.  Where encouraging words I would need to give him he now goes off on his own.  Where I would need to be side by side him he is now able to handle a calf on his own.  Where I use to answer questions about 304, Everett is the first to talk about her.  When morning chores didn’t go smoothly, we were late getting to the petting zoo, thoughts of “why do I do this” run through my mind.  Everett taught me during the petting zoo, “Yes this is important.  This is why we do this.  This is important.”  When kids would enter the building he would jump into the pen with the calf and usher her to the edge so kids and adults could pet her.  He did this on his own.  I didn’t need to be reminded why we were there.  He is the best agvocate I know.



2 responses to “The best team: 304 & Everett

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    Yes, Everett is growing up……It is important for kids to be able to see and touch the animals…..Is that Carrie B. with her little guy in the pic? Farming has so many facets to it…..being in public is one of them…….It gives people a chance to be grateful for the hard work of dairy farmers…..Way to Go!

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