Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Just like a movie

on May 11, 2016

Every once in awhile life is perfect.  So perfect, it could be a scene right out of a movie. No, it could be an entire movie.  It doesn’t happen very often because life is never perfect but when it happens all you can do is sit back and enjoy it.  A couple weekends ago a perfect “movie weekend” happened.  My cousin Jenna’s weekend to celebrate her awesomeness.  Her weekend to relax and enjoy.  Her weekend.  I’m just excited I get to tag along as the “old married lady” in her posse.  IMG_8416

Friday evening the festivities were to begin roughly around 5ish at a resort north, about an hour away.  Well in true dairy farm life, the farm was fighting back.  Cows got out during milking, something else broke, I don’t remember the list all I know is the farm hated me that day.  A phone call and text from Jenna’s sister-in-law (my spirit sister).  “Brenda where are you?”  “I’m working on it!”  My phone battery died.  My aunt called around 9pm then called Nate’s phone, “Where is Brenda.  Have her call when she leaves.”  “Is she in the ditch with her old beat up truck?”  (Yes my aunt asked me this)  I’m on my way the farm just hates me today.  “Just come tomorrow.” Nope I am coming tonight because other wise I won’t get there till 6 the next evening.

I finally got there.  Ready to celebrate Jenna and the awesomeness that she is!  What a great weekend with some classy ladies.  Apparently my choice of jammies in my frantic packing, throwing things in a bag trying to get out the door, weren’t a good choice.  Mine were the only ones that actually looked like jam-jams and I wanted a waffle.  I guess it is a good thing I’m already married.          IMG_8639[1]

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