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We are their #1 Fans

on May 17, 2016

12 Princess Kay of the Milky Way finalists were chosen this past weekend during the May Event in St. Cloud.  Excitement always surrounds this time of year as we wait to hear who the finalists will be.  Will one be from your own county?  This year I wasn’t able to attend the banquet.  I follow along on social media as each finalist is announced, sadly our county wasn’t announced.  These wonderful young ladies work so hard but only 12 throughout the state continue on for Princess Kay.  During the May Event these ladies are given skills to help them tell their dairy story effectively and authentically.

Through out summer as I see our County Dairy Princess I am always excited to see them out and about.  They are our goodwill ambassadors for our county dairy farmers. When they come down a parade route, “Here come the princesses!”  We go and see them as they are working in the malt stand.  For some reason ice cream always taste better when it comes from a dairy princess.  As dairy farmers it is our job to encourage these ladies.  It is our job to thank them for representing us.  It takes a lot of work, dedication and time to be a dairy princess.  It is a huge commitment to be a dairy princess.  These ladies are working on their family farms or they are working on a dairy farm.  In between their responsibilities on the farm they are telling their dairy stories and they are telling it well.  It is our job to be their cheerleaders.  After all we are their #1 fans!13240756_1768590026708237_8255965983425299629_n

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