Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

We can do this

on May 25, 2016

Every morning since I don’t remember, I tell Everett this before school.  When he is trying so hard to open his eyes.  Stretching his arms high above his head.  Making his way from slumber to sort of awake.  We can do this.  I long for the days of summer where Everett is able to sleep in.  Three and half days of school.  Three and half.  We can do this.   Whether it be one more day till the weekend.  Or a couple more days of school to get through.  We can do this.  Or maybe it is so many days till something exciting is happening.  I tell him this but I am beginning to think I am saying it to myself.  No, I know I am shouting to myself now.  May has been and continues to be a whirl wind of fun and exciting times but also some stress.  Weddings, groom suppers, Everett’s birthday, preparing for a wedding in our backyard (we can do this), field work, taking 304 to school to share with Everett’s class, farm work, milking cows, low milk prices, laundry (folding clothes I don’t think has happened for a couple (no several) weeks now they make it clean in a laundry basket so I call that a win for now), adjusting to milking more cows than what we were used to, YC conference calls, we can do this!      IMG_8887[1]

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