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Not the daughter of a dairy Farmer

on June 18, 2016

To love dairy cows you must be the daughter of a dairy farmer.  This is so far from the truth.  My niece Elyn loves cows.  She isn’t the daughter of a dairy farmer.  She isn’t even the granddaughter of a dairy farmer.  She is a niece of a dairy farmer.  She is my niece.  She is a little girl who loves cows.  Where little girls are drawn to baby calves and usually want to love on babies.  Elyn loves on the cows.  When she comes to the farm the first thing she says is, “When can we go to the barn?”  “Is it milking time yet?”  She is always the first to have her rubber boots on ready to go to the barn.  She has always and continues to want to be with the cows not the calves but the cows.  It is always the cows.  She walks the barn talking to each and everyone.  Loving on the dairy cows.


This smiling face proves you don’t need to to be the daughter of a dairy farmer to love cows.  

Last fall, Elyn named a calf.  On our farm our cows go by numbers.  Where Everett and I are unable to give names to calves.  Nate says to me,  “How can I say no to her?”

Last year Elyn said she would like to take a cow to the fair.  During the fair last year I had her come and spend time at the fair so she knew what she was getting herself into.  All year this is all I have been hearing,  “When is the fair?”  “I’m taking Ramora!”  Last night the kids and I walked the farm deciding what calves and cows Everett, Noah and Elyn would take to the fair this year.  Elyn has decided on 3.  When I told Nate at first he shook his head but then looked at me without saying a word I knew what he was thinking, “How can we say no to her?”


Elyn working with Everett’s calf 433 at the fair last year.  

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