Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Happy Father’s Day, Nate

on June 19, 2016

Nathan is a wonderful dad.  There are lots of qualities which make a good dad.  Dad’s teach their children to be kind.  Dad’s teach their children to be good stewards of the land and to love the outdoors.  Dad’s teach their children how to love.  There is one which always stands out the most and I notice it every time it happens.  He is always patient with his two children, Everett and Vivian.  He wants to be with them.  He wants to enjoy life with them.  Nathan knows as much as he teaches his children he learns just as much if not more from them.

Regardless of the stresses of the day, Nate always lights up when he sees Everett and Vivian.  When he is on his way back to the milkhouse in the barn on a mission, he always stops to say, “Hi Sweet Pea.” to Vivian playing in the pack n’ play in the middle of the barn.  When Nate is working in the shop and Everett’s bike needs a tune up.  Nate stops what he is doing and tunes up Everett’s bike.  Nate’s patience doesn’t stop with his own children it extends to all.  When his nieces and nephews come to visit he always has time for them.  He encourages them to ride in the tractor.  He takes them with him when he checks on cows.  When a new calf is born he encourages the kids to be part of the miracle.  Nate always gives his time.  Where every hour of the day is full, Nate still finds time for his children.  Happy Father’s Day Nate!


One response to “Happy Father’s Day, Nate

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    So sweetly said, Brenda! Nate’s a good man….

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