Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Cleaning Mangers

on June 21, 2016

Dairy farmers are the most creative people I know.  Not like artsy creative but creative to make a job less work on the body.  There are some jobs though no matter how hard you try it just takes lots of back work and sweat.  That job for us is cleaning mangers.  When “We gotta clean mangers today”  is said you can hear the grumble.  No body likes to clean mangers especially when it is hot out.  We have tried and tried to figure out a way to make it easier but to no success.  Nate even at one time hooked up a street sweeper broom to the front of the lawn mower in hopes it would make the job easier.  It didn’t work.  The only thing that works is a broom, a shovel, a wheel borrow and sweat.  Lots of hard work.  Building character, right?


Building muscles

It was Everett and my turn to clean mangers.  Everett has not given in to cleaning mangers just being work.  He is looking to make it easier.  As I began sweeping and shoveling,  Everett proclaims “I’ll be right back.”  I’ve heard that before usually it is when the work is done he returns.  He came back shortly after, “Mom I need your help to hold the door.”  I followed Everett to the milk house.  Everett had hooked up his wagon to his bike.  The theory was it would be easier pulling the wagon than pushing the wheel barrow.  He didn’t take into account the dumping part and it was a little tight maneuvering in the barn.  It didn’t work as well as planned but I give him credit for trying.  Trying to think of a better way to clean mangers.  I give him credit for being creative.  For now we are going to continue to clean mangers with a broom, shovel and wheel borrow and lots of sweat.




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