Raising a Farmer

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Something is buzzing around the farm

on June 29, 2016

For the longest time I have been fascinated by honey bees.  One of my favorite things is creamed honey on rye bread (both from Canada, it is so good).  For a couple years I have been debating the idea about getting bees.   If I was going to start beekeeping I needed to find a mentor.  I figured I needed a mentor because I know I will make lots of mistakes along the way.  If I can talk to someone who has bees I could possibly eliminate some of the mishaps and truly know what I was getting myself into.  I also needed to find out if beekeeping would be a good fit for me and if this was something I could do.


Setting up the hives April 2016


So last summer I asked around to see who had bees.  I made a phone call to a kind retired gentleman who is currently beekeeping.  I found my mentor in Roman.  He has been a wealth of information to me.  After every conversation I have with Roman I am more fascinated by honey bees.  At  our very first conversation, placing me where I belong (who I was married to) Roman asked me if I could name Nathan’s great-grandfather.  He asked me this because almost 50 years ago when he first started beekeeping Roman’s first set of bees came from Nathan’s great-grandfather.  I had no idea Nathan’s great-grandfather had bees let alone my new mentor had a beekeeping connection with Nathan’s great-grandfather.  When he told me this I couldn’t believe it.  If I was looking for a sign to start this new adventure I think this was it.

Bees officially came to the farm in April.  I enjoy my conversation I have with Roman.  He is teaching and guiding me not just about bees but about the extra little wonders God has created.  It truly is an amazing thing to watch.  Bees have opened my eyes to a whole other level of nature.  I continue to be fascinated by my bees


Everett and I spotted a bee this spring walking down the driveway



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