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What does a dairy farmer and a pizza guy have in common

on June 30, 2016

What does a Domino’s franchise owner and a dairy farmer have in common?  You would be surprised how much we have in common.  Shane and Debbie Cole are the owners of Domino’s in Little Falls.  Shane invited us to the store to see how a pizza is made and share with us how much cheese is used in his store.    This afternoon the kids and I took Shane up on his offer.  Everett was able to make his very own pizza.  I was amazed when Shane told me how much cheese the store goes through.  On average 3,000 pounds of cheese a month(that is not a misprint 3,000 lbs a month) 6 different kinds of cheeses are used either on pizzas or all the good stuff at Domino’s.  Mozzarella being the majority of cheese moved through the store.  Two shipments weekly come to the store delivering ingredients.  That is a lot of cheese and cheese comes from milk!


Domino’s welcomed us with some “cow” art.


Shane explained to us the way the mozzarella cheese is cut makes it more stretchy



The common ground doesn’t stop with Shane and Debbie’s store needing cheese and Nate and I producing milk which is made into cheese.  Shane, Debbie and Nathan are graduates of Little Falls High School 1999.  All three of them are raising their families in their hometown.  Our children are going to school in Little Falls just like they did.  Shane & Debbie and Nathan & I are raising our families in our business.  Our Children are there every step of the way.  Our children are huge parts of our lives and business.  An asset we can not put a value on.  While Shane’s children are older than Everett, Shane and Debbie’s three daughters are working along side their parents gaining more responsibilities every year.  I could see the pride in Shane’s eyes when he talked about his daughters and how they are involved in the store.  Just like when Nate gleams with pride when Everett works with the animals on our farm.  As we were there, one of their daughters was busy working.  I asked Shane about Pack n’Plays in the office when the girls were little.  He smiled and shook his head yes.  Dairy farmers work long hard hours.  I have never figured out personally how many hours Nate and I put in a week but Shane has figured how many hours a week he needs to have covered at his store.  He figures he needs to cover roughly 450 man hours a week.  Shane started as a driver at Domino’s became a co-owner and finally a sole owner, this is very similar to Nathan working, co-owner and finally sole owner of our farm.  Shane and Debbie take pride in everything that leaves the store just like dairy farmers take great pride in the milk we produce.  So the next time you grab a slice from Domino’s know lots of love, commitment and sacrifices went into a single slice.  From the dairy farmer all the way to the pizza oven we are committed to our family, our community and our business.



3 responses to “What does a dairy farmer and a pizza guy have in common

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    A great post!!!! You certainly developed your story with the Cole’s……Nice job, Brenda!

  2. What a cool experience. And, you have so much in common! I like your photos too.

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