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Bowlus Fun Day

on July 1, 2016

Bowlus Fun Day is this Sunday July 3rd 2016  It puts the Fun in Fun Day.  Nate is a Bowlus Volunteer Firefighter and the department along with the first responders puts on this event.  Polka mass starts at 10am followed by the best parade in Central Minnesota.  After the parade head to the park for every staple food for a great event:  Nachos, ice cream, sno-cones, cotton candy, burgers with fried onions, popcorn and cold beer to name a few and finish with a tour of Bowlus on the Bowlus Fun Line.  In the afternoon cool off by the water fights.  Area fire departments come for the water fight tournament testing their skills .  What makes this event a success year after year is the dedication from the department and the countless volunteers working in the stands through out the day into the night.  When someone is asked to work a stand it is always a strong yes.  Members of our community know how important this event is and what it means to our small community.  The money raised helps equip the fire department and first responders.  When you live in a small community the fire department is usually the first ones called, they don’t just fight fires.  It takes special people to make up a volunteer fire department.  A volunteer firefighter drops everything and goes.   Many times I have been left in the barn alone doing chores by myself or in the middle of the night bringing the truck to the house so Nate can get to a call quicker or watching Nate and his brothers run out of church during their sister’s wedding practice missing the entire grooms supper.  We ourselves know the importance of a strong fire department because we have had to call on them.


Bowlus Fun Day 2015

On Sunday Nathan and I run the Nacho stand, the best Nachos in Central Minnesota!  We go through a lot of cheese and chips!  So if you hear someone yell, “NACHOS!!”  That will be me.

Everett helping last year loading up the chips.

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