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Water fights-not just for kids

on July 12, 2016

This last weekend was the Swanville Carnival.  My hometown.  What a great weekend it was.  Saturday was my class reunion, Class of 1999.(yes, it is an odd year 17 that’s the way we roll)  On Sunday afternoon, the Swanville Fire Department hosted Water Fights.  Nothing better than playing with water on a hot July afternoon.  My uncle Jerry is the Fire Chief in Swanville.  Jerry loves to have fun.  As kids we had fun with Jerry and we continue to have fun with Jerry as adults.  We all love to have fun with Jerry.  Neighboring fire departments come for the goodwill game.  Bowlus Fire Department brought two teams to compete, so of course me and the kids had to cheer Nathan on along with his fellow fire fighters and have fun with Uncle Jerry.  As they were getting set up one of the other teams needed a third person.  Jerry asked if I would be on a team.  Playing with water is always a strong “Yes!”.  When it was my teams turn I was able to wear Nathan’s fire gear.  Luckily we never had to go up against each other.



My fellow teammates and me. (L-R Me, Robbie Czech and Jeremy Czech)


One of the best parts about water fights is not just playing with water but watching my uncle Jerry.  His smile is so infectious you yourself can not smile when you see it.  He gets excited.  He laughs. He smiles.  He has fun.


Uncle Jerry watching his nephews, Matt and Kyle and his son Jesse.                                             (R-L Matt(my brother), Jesse, Kyle)

I am not sure where my team placed because we were having to much fun.  All the kids enjoy standing waiting for the water to land on them.  Children of fire fighters are able to watch their dads be fire fighters.  Try on their helmets and jackets.  Dream when they can be just like dad.  The water running down the street they are able to splash in and play in.  Flip flops turn into boats and float down the river of water. Everyone has fun at the water fights.

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  1. I enjoyed readingg your post

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