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304 goes to School

on July 29, 2016

This last May I visited Everett’s school not just as his mom but as a dairy farmer.  Of course 304 tagged along and was the star of the afternoon.  As I entered the classroom the first thing Everett’s fellow classmates asked was, “Can we go see 304 now!” “Did you bring the big cow?”  They were so excited to see her.  Before going outside and loving on 304, I talked to the class about dairy farming.  I brought along samples for the kids to see, to touch and to smell.  Before I started I heard, “I smell farm stuff.”  “Everett you are so lucky to live on a farm.”  I passed the feed samples around and explained to the kids what our cows eat on out farm.  Eager 1st graders with lots of questions.  Questions I love.  We talked about what are some of our favorite dairy products and what foods are made from milk.  I then asked the class what they had for breakfast and lunch.  As they were listing their menus from the day, I then I asked them if they could tell me what types of farmers grew the food they had just listed.  With every plate of food we eat a farmer is connected to that plate.

Everett helped me explain to his class how we milk our cows twice a day.  Finally it was time for what the kids were waiting for, to go outside and love on 304.  Seeing the kids brush, talk to 304 and ask more questions is the best thing ever.  For kids to be able to get a close look at a dairy cow is the best teaching tool I have.  We finished the afternoon with cheese sticks and every student received a  “I met a dairy farmer” sticker.  One little girl proudly showed me her sticker on her back pack and told me how excited she was.  The funny thing is for how excited they were to see 304 I was just as excited to show them.      


Everett and 304 at School


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