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Kids need to play in the mud

on August 2, 2016

There is nothing more joyful than a dirty little face.  To me there is nothing better than dirty little fingers.  When I see dirty clothes I don’t think, “How am I going to get that stain out!”  I think, “Everett must of had a good day.”  I have a saying at my house, “If it can’t go thru the washing machine it doesn’t last at my house.”  I put everything through the washer.  Everything.  I was reading a “mom magazine” and there was an article of activities to do with your kids at certain ages.  I began reading and it gave you a step by step guide how to make a mud pie.  What??  Was my first reaction.  Is this the moms we are becoming?  Needing to know step by step how to make mud pies?  Are we so consumed with filling our kids days with “activities” that we have forgotten the best one ever?  Mud Pies.  Are we moms so worried about hand-sanitizers and clean faces we have lost just letting our kids be kids.  Just letting our kids get dirty.  My kids are dirty more than they are clean.  I know there are moms who cringe when I am not, “on top of wiping my kids faces every three seconds.”

About once maybe twice a week Everett floods his sand box.  He builds castles, he makes “cement”, he fills holes in with rocks, he makes paint with mud, he buries his toys and finds them again.  He watches the way water flows.  He literally spends hours in his sand box.  Night time comes and he draws maps and new plans for the next time he is in his sandbox.  When Everett drags the hose from the barn to his sand box, it doesn’t even phase me.  Last summer a friend came for a visit and seemed surprised I would allow Everett to flood his sand.  I was shocked why I wouldn’t let him.  Kids need to be dirty.  They need to use their imaginations.  They need to get dirty and dirty again.  Clothes can be washed, hands can be cleaned but this time is for minds to grow.IMG_0047

One response to “Kids need to play in the mud

  1. Jodi Weaver says:

    Well said Brenda! You are a great mom and always will be! Keep up the great work!

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