Raising a Farmer

Alot of work but always room for laughter

Class Reunion, 1999

on August 3, 2016

A couple weeks ago my fellow Swanville Graduating Class of 1999 gathered together to celebrate 17 years of graduation from high school.  Yes, we celebrated on an odd year that is just how we roll. Seventeen summers ago our hopes and dreams were endless.  We were told to reach for the moon and if you miss you will be among the stars. As I looked through one of my memory boxes I found my graduation announcement.  Our class motto was, “Yesterday is a memory; Remember it; Tomorrow is the future; Treasure it; Today is life; Live it”.  In the inside of our graduation announcement the first line is, “We do not fear the future for we are the future”.    Here we are in our future.  Long gone are the days to see how many people we can fit in a fish house.  Long gone are the days of notes passed in the classroom.  Long gone are the days of my biggest worry for the day was if I had enough written for my autobiography for English.  At the time 17 years ago, I really didn’t give much thought to our motto.  Some of us were so happy to be finally graduating while others of us were nervous what our future would be.  Did I fear my future as an eighteen year old ready to take on the world.  Absolutely not.  Do I fear my future as a woman, wife, mom, dairy farmer in her mid thirties?  Absolutely!  This thing called life happens and you begin to think.  I should have, I could have, maybe later, why didn’t I?  If I would have done xyz then maybe this would have happened?  Did I think I would be a dairy farmer.  No that was not on the list of top career choices at my high school graduation.  Am I happy to be a dairy farmer?  I can say I am proud to be a dairy farmer.  I can say I am right where I am supposed to be in my future.     IMG_9896[1]

Some of us in the Class of 1999 had our life course “planned out”  While others of us waited for life to decide for us.  Some of us moved far away, sharing time in Alaska and Hawaii while others of us are making plans to buy their childhood home.  Some of us have children on the verge of graduation while others of us are just having babies.  Some of our children walk the same halls as we did as energetic students while some of  our children go to a rival school.  Some of us married our high school sweet heart while others of us just found our sweet heart.  Some of us haven’t seen each other since graduation.  One thing for sure is when I looked at my fellow classmates seventeen years after graduation I still see them as the full of life elementary students and awkward teenagers trying to find our selves.  I can’t help but wonder how did this happen?  How did we end up in our future so fast?



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