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The night before Fair

on August 11, 2016

The night before fair and all was calm through the house.  If only this would be true.  All summer long, fair is in the back of our minds and before we know it it is here.  It is here and we are not ready for it, not even close.  A thunderstorm rolled through when we had designated a time for washing and clipping this evening.   Tonight Everett lost his first tooth.  I look at him and I wonder where my baby went.  All week Everett has been asking when the fair starts and now his conversations have shifted to if he should keep his tooth or leave it for the tooth fairy.  Last night our washing machine began to make a funny noise and today it was confirmed it was unfixable.  Awesome, was all I could say, night before fair and no washing machine.  Earlier this summer Nate was able to fix the washer.  I was hoping I was going to be able to get one more year out of it.  My washer had other plans.  Thank goodness for Facebook I was able to find a washer someone had, not being used looking to get rid of.  Nate went and picked it up right away.  We may not be ready for the fair but we will have clean clothes through out the weekend.

Head on over to the Morrison County Fair this weekend in Little Falls, MN.  The fair begins noon on Thursday till 5pm on Sunday.  Dairy 4H Show and Open Class are on Friday.  Ready or not Everett will be there with 304.  Come out to the fair,  give 304 some love and cheer on all the Morrison County 4H’ers.  They have all worked really hard this summer getting ready for the fair.  Make sure you take your time in the 4H Exhibit Building, walk through the barns and stop by the 4H Food Stand for a burger.  Come and enjoy the Morrison County Fair!      IMG_0105[1]

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