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Proud mom, Proud aunt & Proud Dairy Farmer

on August 20, 2016

This past weekend was the Morrison County Fair.  I was not ready for the weekend to start.  If I could of had another week I might have felt a little more prepared for the fair.  A week before the fair as Everett was practicing with one of his calves (which both were really not wanting to participate) a neighbor asked, “Why do you go?”  At that moment I didn’t have a good answer for him because if I would have went with what I was feeling at that very moment it would not have been a good answer.  The next day Everett had a better day working with his calf and we were one day closer to the fair.

This year my niece and nephew decided they also wanted to show calves at the fair.  As we waited for our turn to go into the ring for Open Class Spring Calves, the kids’ fellow 4-H’ers were also waiting.  I counted.  7 kids in show clothes waiting and loving on there calves.  2 other kids encouraging and walking alongside their fellow 4-H’ers before they go into the ring.  7 dairy calves about to go into the ring and only one of those kids lives on a dairy farm. Everett was the only one who lives on a dairy farm but there were 6 other kids falling in love with dairy cows.  IMG_0185[1]IMG_0172[1]

Show time isn’t just in the ring.  Through out the four days, I see kids working together.  I see parents supporting their kids and giving them encouraging words right before they go into the ring.  I see Everett sharing his love for 304, 400, 433 and his calf at the fair.  When Everett, Noah and Elyn placed at the end of the line, the judge took a few extra seconds to tell each of them how well they handled their animals in the ring.  This is a proud mom and aunt moment.  To me those words mean more than ribbons.  It shows the hard work kids do to get ready for the fair shows.  It makes the frustrating times when the calf gets away from you in the yard worth it.  I thought about the question our neighbor asked, “Why do you go?”  I can’t explain why we go, it isn’t a simple answer.  Right now the phase of fair Nathan and I are at is building confidence.  Building confidence in the ring and outside the ring.  Fostering the love of the fair. IMG_0186[1]


Going to the fair is also about having fun.  After the Dairy and General Livestock show there is a dress up contest for 4H’ers.    It is the best way to end a stressful day of showing.  It is fun to see all the different costumes and unique ways you can dress an animal up as.  Everyone in the ring has a smile on their face!


Ready for the Costume Contest,  Everett and 304


Ready to go home.  All packed waiting for Nate to bring the trailer around.  



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