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Beauty & the Beast and Pocahontas

on August 26, 2016

I love Beauty & the Beast and Pocahontas.  People that know me will probably say this is an understatement.  I know each and every song.  I can probably say each and every line of the movies.  “Little town, Little quiet village…..”  “Just around the river bend beyond the shore….”   When I was 12 Santa brought me Beauty & the Beast dolls.  I thought I was in heaven.  The next Christmas came, Santa surprised me with a Beauty & the Beast comforter and sheets.  My world as a 13 year old was whole.  I love Beauty &the Beast still to this day.

Fast forward several years, I am blessed with a daughter.  A daughter who receives gifts from friends and family based on my loves.  A Belle baby doll, a Beauty &  the Beast tea set, Pocahontas,  a Beauty & the Beast sippy cup to name a few.  Yes, I know I am more excited about this than she is.  Last fall I was able to meet Pocahontas.  As I waited in line to meet her with my son sitting in Vivian’s stroller not really wanting to be there, my aunt and cousin helping hold Vivian a sudden excitement came over me.  I am an adult.  I should be able to keep my emotions in check.  Nope not me.  I began singing, “Just around the river bend.”  Yes, kids who should be singing her songs were starring at me as excitement came over me, I was going to meet Pocahontas!!  As she came around the corner, I exclaimed, “There she is!!”  As I walked away from her in awe, I told my aunt and cousin “If I met Belle I know I would have pee my pants!”  Little did I know that would be in my near future.  12189911_10156125453070705_2883102727951125037_n

I had time to prepare myself when I found out Belle was going to be at the Morrison County Fair this summer.  I had time to sing her songs.  I had time to talk myself out of my 12 year old self.  I had time.  I had time to prepare myself and gain my composure before I met Belle.  Belle was standing there and I was in awe.  She was there at the Morrison County Fair.  As I walked up to her, just like Pocahontas did she put her attention to Everett first.  Just like the fall before with Pocahontas I was scared to touch her, she might disappear.  I exclaimed, “I Love you!  I love your movies!  I have loved you since I was little!”  The best part about meeting Belle at the fair was we were able to take a picture with the cows.  Yes my adult brain tells me I know they are ladies probably working through college but my heart full of emotions tell me they are the princesses I grew up with.  They were everything I could imagine and more.  My favorite princesses bringing out my childhood heart.   IMG_0231[1]          

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