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School Open House

on September 1, 2016

I remember Everett entering his school open house as a kindergartner

.  I was terrified for the both of us.  I didn’t know any of the teachers.  Only a few of the faces were familiar to me as we walked the halls.  How could he be ready for kindergarten?  How will he not get lost?  How will he navigate his day without me?  Will he be scared?  How can I let him go all day every day and only rely on feedback from him?  Will his teacher be kind?  How can someone else console my child I don’t know?  So many questions I had asked myself.  I encouraged and talked school up to Everett leading up to the start of school, while inside I was terrified for him.

Tonight I saw our son in the middle of boyhood entering 2nd grade, confidently walk into his school.  Knowing exactly which new room is his.  Knowing exactly who his teacher is.  (All summer he has been hoping for her)  As we walked to one of the information tables in the hall the Dean of Students cheerfully said, “It’s good to see you Ev!”  As we walked the hallway his fellow classmates asking him who his  new teacher is.  Two short years ago I was terrified for him and for me as he started school.  Now, faces are familiar.  Now Everett goes and says “Hi” to his past teachers knowing the short cuts through the school.  His 1st grade teacher asked him about the fair and his summer with a smile.  As we waited in the door way to see his kindergarten teacher, I could hear some of the parents ask about busing and the same questions I had asked as a mom sending her first to school.  I too was that mom, terrified inside but trying so hard to hold it together on the outside.  How is Everett going to navigate changing buses?  I too was that mom worried about her kindergartner.  I too was that mom not knowing if we were ready for school.  Now we are making our rounds to Everett’s past teachers.

Nathan and I are not the only ones who help shape Everett into the confident little boy he is but his teachers have a huge part.  They help guide him, encourage him, love on him and help him make good choices when we are not there.  His teachers have consoled Everett, told him “No you need to do your work now, not at home.” and encouraged him along the way when he works hard.  I wish an awesome year to all the teachers as you are the compass keepers of school and navigate the halls of school.  Especially Mrs. Alholm, Mrs. Tomala and Mrs. DeCann you are very special to us and our little boy.

photo (15)

Getting everything set up in his 2nd Grade desk, first time for a desk.  Big milestone for grade schooler.


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