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Vivian in a Cast

on September 8, 2016

Accidents happen.  Farm accidents happen.  Dairy farmers do everything in their power to prevent an accident but they can still happen.  As dairy farmers raising our children side by side with us each and everyday the word safety has a different, more powerful meaning.  Dairy farm kids are taught at a very young age about safety on a farm.  When the word “accident” is used on a dairy farm it usually means more than a band aid.  Safety is always on the top of the list for farm parents because we know what “it could be worse” means.  There are many farm families who carry the burden of this harsh reality on their hearts.  Raising a family on a dairy farm we know our children are in danger as soon as they step outside our front door.

Vivian plays in her pack n’play everyday in the barn during morning and evening milking.  Being in her pack n’play in the barn is the safest place for her to be.  One Thursday night during evening milking, Vivian climbed out of her pack n’play falling onto the cement breaking her left arm.  As soon as Nate picked her up he instantly knew she had broken her arm.  Everett and I rushed her to the ER while Nate finished up milking meeting us at the ER when he was finished milking.


Snuggles from Dad always make it better and her BB’s (her blankets)

X-rays were taken and it was confirmed she had broken both bones in her arm, halfway between her wrist and her elbow.  At her orthopedic appointment a few days later it was decided Vivian would need to be sedated so her arm could be set so her bones would be able to heal straight.  Vivian was to be in a cast for 6-8 weeks.

 Before and after her procedure to set her arm.  She was ready to go home.    

Vivian is healing and hasn’t let a cast slow her down.  She has figured out how to use her cast as a hook, a cane, a tool, and to beat Everett with it.  Our sweet Vivian always has other plans and continues to surprise us.  Tuesday morning when I went to Vivian’s crib as she stood smiling and talking, I looked at her and thought, “You look different?” Instantly I realized she didn’t have her cast on!  Vivian worked her way out of her full arm cast!  She looked at her cast in her crib threw it out and said, “YUCK!”  I quickly called the clinic,  x-rays were taken to make sure it was still in align.  As we discussed with the doctor what the next plan should be for Vivian, who happens to be Nate’s uncle, Vivian’s main doctor was out for the day.  Vivian is healing strongly.  “I’ve never had a kid get out of a full arm cast.” The Doctor told us.  It was decided Vivian wouldn’t need another cast because if she was able to get out of a full arm cast she will not keep a short arm cast on.  We will go back next week for more x-rays to make sure her arm continues to heal.  I know this is an accident which could easily happen in the house but I can not help my dairy mom guilt go into over drive because it happened in the barn.


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