Raising a Farmer

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Sometimes a pile of Laundry is a good thing

on September 16, 2016

There are things I feel like I can never get ahead of laundry, toys, piles on the kitchen table, laundry, toys, rocks and other things Everett brings into the house did I mention laundry.  I was so proud of myself one day for clearing off our kitchen table I put a table cloth out.  I was beyond proud of myself.  When Everett came home from school that day the first thing he said was, “Who’s coming over?”  “Why do you ask that?”, I asked.  He mater of factually replied pointing to the table, “Because the table looks like this.”  Thank you Everett for bringing me back to reality.

The door going outside from in the laundry room we call the “barn door”.  We call it the barn door because this is the door we use when we are going to the barn.  Our barn boots, barn clothes, barn jackets, barn everything we keep in our laundry room.  Thus begins the vicious cycle of laundry.  Barn clothes and good clothes.  Good clothes piled in laundry baskets in our bedrooms and barn clothes overflowing laundry baskets in the laundry room.  Sometimes the dryer door is just opened and barn clothes are piled in front of the dryer.  This is my demon.  Clothes.  Even when I feel like I am getting ahead.  Night time comes and barn clothes are again in the dirty basket.

After morning milking today I was thankful for my pile of laundry in the laundry room.  Vivian had fallen asleep during morning milking.  Vivian is down to one nap during the day.    Usually when she falls asleep in the barn when I pick her up out of her pack ‘n play she instantly wakes up.  Today she stayed sleeping.  As she slept on the way to the house I debated what I should do with her.  She can’t go in her crib with barn clothes on.  As soon as I would try and take her barn jacket off she will wake up.  If I wake her up now will she sleep later.  As I walked through the barn door to the house, I was thankful for my pile of clean barn clothes in front of the dryer staring at me.  Most days I grumble to myself and ask myself why can’t I get control of the clothes situation or beat myself up of how I am failing at laundry.  Today I was thankful.   It made for the perfect spot for Vivian to finish her nap.  Sometimes a pile of laundry is a good thing.    14352258_1825372984363274_3072113739762435808_o

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