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A wedding on the Farm

on September 24, 2016

This past May, Nathan’s younger brother and his bride stood before their wedding guests on our farm.  Surrounded by friends and family they spoke their vows each had written to each other.  It took a small army to get the farm wedding day ready;  helping weed, mow the lawn, cleaning out the those “some day ” corners on a farm, cleaning out the shop, helping with chores and getting the house cleaned for the wedding party.  Nathan and I are forever grateful for all the help we had and there is no way we would have been able to do it on our own.


As Nate and I were making mental notes all winter and spring of what needed to be done for the up coming nuptials, the dreaded question, “What if it rains?”  was always asked.  We had plan B in place.  The wedding would be in the shop if it would rain, but the ever optimistic in me.  “It is not going to rain!”

Wedding week had a arrived, scattered showers blessed us through out the week and radar for Saturday was “Scattered Showers”.   Friday evening as the wedding party arrived for practice and the groom supper we set out chairs ready for the wedding the next day.  I think Nate and I wore out our weather app for how many times we had checked it.  “What does your phone say?” was a question for everyone who came into the yard.  Wedding morning came with final details.  Nate was finishing up chores, Everett was off with his Uncle Paul and cousin Katie for wedding pictures.  My aunt Julie was keeping Vivian occupied and neighbors helping get bubbles ready and tables outside perfect with flowers.  About 2 hours before the ceremony it began to mist.  Family gathered in the backyard to take pictures.  Will the rain hold off?  Umbrellas began to come out.  I stood underneath a tree in our front yard with our car parkers (my brother, friends and neighbors) each comparing their weather apps,  “Brenda, you have to make a decision.”  I said I would give it till 2:15 before we start moving chairs into the shop enough time for the ceremony to begin at 3pm.

It broke my heart to have to tell Vanessa and Mark we needed to move the ceremony into the shop. The mist began to turn into rain.  My heart broke for Vanessa, a beautiful backyard wedding was planned and it needed to be moved to a farm shop.  My heart broke, our backyard was so pretty.  Just the night before after the grooms supper Nate and I sat in the chairs in awe of how beautiful our backyard looked,  thankful for all the help we had.  It was perfect.  Now it needed to be moved to the shop.  A shop with wet floors from the rain.  Vanessa along with their wedding party gathered in the house to stay out of the rain.  Flower girls and ring bearers played with Everett and Vivian’s toys.  About 20 minutes before the ceremony as guest began to arrive I remembered I still had Nathan and I’s wedding runner from our wedding (11 years ago) at my aunt Theresa’s house.  I quickly called her hoping she was home and able to bring it.  She made it just in time. img_05181





13909269_10154428632931926_3278453345522812739_o13938306_10154428633481926_7461586419103133519_o13913687_10154428644166926_4569479758664859400_o13908996_10154428642126926_5872060895588796869_oThe ceremony was ready to begin.  The wedding party came from the house to the shop with each having an umbrella.  Ushers and car parkers became umbrella gathers.  As the little people came from the house (mine especially) got side tracked by something and uncle Phil needed to redirect them to the shop.  One little flower girl brought out Vivian’s dolls and high chair.  Vanessa came from the house.  I watched as her dad’s helped her across the yard.  Helping her with her dress, holding an umbrella, surrounding her with love only dads can do.  Vanessa came into the shop and it completely changed.  It was a wedding, her dads walked her down the aisle.  Giving her hand to the man who would be her husband in a short time.  As Vanessa and Mark stood in front, my sister in-law and I looked at each other caught off guard how emotional we were getting.  How can a wedding in a farm shop be a beautiful thing?  It was perfect.  Nathan welcomed Mark and Vanessa’s wedding guests to our farm as he united them as husband and wife.  A farm even when you move off of it is still home.  It is home.  It is home to Nathan and his siblings were they made manure pits for their toy tractors, rafts to float on the pond and rode their bikes as kids.  A place were their children come to explore.      13920010_10154428615806926_4279193258130008427_o

As Nate spoke to Mark and Vanessa I stood in the back filled with joy and love.  Love to Nate the man I married and the wonderful life he has given us.  Nate also gave some advice.  “When Vanessa makes a meal never ever say, ‘That’s not how mom used to do it.'”    img_0458

One response to “A wedding on the Farm

  1. Marilyn Swenson says:

    You all were such troupers as you made the day special, rain or not! A memorable day, for sure!

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